NCD: Effective Structures

Church ought to work right.  Our structures of organization, leadership, programs and finances ought to support our stated mission of making disciples and transforming the world.  If not, then we ought to change our structures, even if "we've always done it that way".  Some questions to ask about the effectiveness and functionality of our structures could be:
  • What is the life-changing, world-altering mission of your church, and how committed is the congregation to living it out?
  • How do all of your ministries, committees, activities and leaders support this mission?
  • What new ministries should begin and which existing ministries should discontinue each year in order to best serve Christ's mission in our community?
  • How do we develop short and long term goals that are measurable, achievable, but challenging?
  • How are we cultivating a culture of creative and innovative leadership?
 Some good resources on functional structures are:
congregational development office      978-682-8055 ext 210