List of New England Conference Advance Specials

Boston Seafarer's Friend Society
Seafarer’s Friend is the face of humanity, the hand of friendship to the multitude of international seafarers who visit the ports of Boston, Portsmouth, and Portland.

Brockton Church & Community (BCC) After School Program
The primary goal of the BCC is to help each child reach, maintain or surpass their grade level proficiency in math and language skills. Through the dedication of volunteers and the support of faith communities, business partners, foundations and individuals, the program charges no fee to participants. 

Camp Aldersgate
Camp Aldersgate seeks to fulfill its part in the body of Christ's ministry by giving campers and guests an experience that represents a world transformed by disciples of Jesus Christ. Aldersgate's programs equip campers, guests, and staff with tools needed to grow in their own spirituality and to proclaim the Good News in the world.

Camp Aldersgate Campership Fund
The Camp Aldersgate Campership Fund helps to ensure that no camper is turned away from the camp experience because of inability to pay. We believe that the experience campers receive at Aldersgate is critical to their faith formation. In addition, roughly one-third of our campers every year are unchurched, and we provide a critical introduction to our faith to these campers.

Central Vermont Mission
Central Vermont Mission provides opportunities for Volunteer in Mission teams from any geographic area to come to central Vermont to do work on homes needing repair and remodeling.

Connexion UMC
Connexion UMC in Somerville, MA, hosts the Children's Defense Fund's Freedom School program. The program's five essential components are: high quality academic enrichment, parent and family involvement, social action and civic engagement, intergenerational servant leadership development, nutrition, health and mental health.

Down East Maine Missions
Down East Maine Missions (DEMM) seeks to enable and enhance the spiritual, cultural, and economic welfare and sustainability of Down East Maine communities. 

End 68 Hours of Hunger
End 68 Hours of Hunger confronts the 68 hours of hunger some school children experience between the free lunch they receive on Friday and the free breakfast they receive on Monday. Food is packed by volunteers into backpacks that are delivered to the schools. The school staff distributes the backpacks to the students most in need; 100% of donations are used to purchase food; all efforts are voluntary.  

First Radio Parish Church of America
The First Radio Parish Church of America, established in 1926, is America's oldest continuous religious broadcast sharing God's good news of love from a subtle Christian perspective through original storytelling and offering inspirational encouragement with interfaith respect. 

Friends of NITCA
Friends of NITCA is a U.S. based non-profit corporation formed in 1999 for the express purpose of supporting Fundacion NITCA, a nonprofit based in Managua, Nicaragua. The foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of children. Programs include nutrition, hygiene, education, and health. Community development and family empowerment through education and work opportunities are a crucial part of the program.

Hope Acts
Hope Acts is a partnership with Hope.Gate.Way., a United Methodist community of faith in downtown Portland, ME. Its mission is to improve the quality of life for persons of Portland’s urban peninsula by addressing needs for healthy living, housing security, and a hopeful economic future; and to strengthen neighborhoods to become safe places of hospitality, hope, and healing for all people. 

Maine Christian Association: Campus Ministry at the University of Maine
Based at the Wilson Center, the mission of the Maine Christian Association is to provide an ongoing progressive campus ministry for the University of Maine community, through worship, study and service. An intentionally ecumenical, interdenominational student ministry, the Maine Christian Association is committed to creating an atmosphere of respect, tolerance, and spiritual support, which celebrates human diversity, works for social justice and offers opportunities for spiritual growth.  

Camp Mechuwana
Camp Mechuwana serves more than 2,000 people a year by providing a unique Christian environment. We offer more than 50 programs for youth, and adults during the summer. These programs introduce individuals to Christ and provide opportunities for those who already know Christ to spread His love to others.

Methodist Conference Home, Inc
Methodist Conference Home, Inc. (MCH) is dedicated to assisting individuals, primarily older adults and people with disabilities, to remain independent and active in their own homes and communities. Support is provided in the form of housing, transportation, meals, housekeeping and assistance with household chores.

Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter
The Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter is a private, non-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors broadly representing the community including; clergy, business leaders, educators, health care professionals, social service providers, and volunteers. We have a modest home with 18 beds which we have lovingly renovated several times to make it as comfortable, clean, safe and friendly as possible.

Moscow United Methodist Theological Seminary (Russia)
In addition to these Conference Advance Specials, the Conference approved RS-207 for the New England Annual Conference to form a partnership with the Moscow (Russia) United Methodist Theological Seminary. The Moscow UM Theological Seminary is a general church Advance.

N.U.H.O.P.E. provides support, education, and funding to local churches to start missions ministries and awareness of the orphan/adoption crisis, and to help support existing like ministries and missions. 

Nicaragua Covenant and Ministry Partners/Nicaragua Planning Committee
The Nicaragua Covenant was established in 1986 between the New England Conference of the United Methodist Church and the Churches of Christ [AICN] in Nicaragua. Program support includes a one of a kind Mobile Health Clinic serving 60 communities, approximately 24,000 people, who otherwise would not have access to health/dental care. 

Partners In Development, Inc. (PID) strives to help impoverished communities attain independence and whole life improvement. PID is currently focused on serving some of the poorest areas of the Caribbean, Central America, and the United States. Through economic development, children’s programs, housing and medical assistance, PID engages whole communities in whole-life change, ensuring a better quality of life and a more promising future.

Rolling Ridge Retreat and Conference Center
Rolling Ridge Retreat and Conference Center has been serving United Methodists of all ages for over 63 years by providing sacred space for retreats and meetings, picnics and programs. Churches, Conference agencies, and individuals have found a hospitable place that fosters conversation and worship, planning and learning, and prayer and play that encourages a deeper relationship with God and a commitment to serving Christ in the world.

Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership Against Domestic Violence
Safe Havens is an interfaith organization that promotes hope and justice for victims and survivors of domestic violence and elder abuse. Safe Havens is dedicated to strengthening the capacity of faith communities and service providers to engage in a coordinated effort to end domestic violence and elder abuse.

United Campus Ministry at Plymouth State University
The campus minister(s), based on campus, provide counseling and spiritual support to university students and staff. Worship services, weekly and occasionally, are developed and led by both ministers and students. Campus ministers lecture in classes as invited; they are visible and accessible at the Student Union; they lead groups in Homelessness Awareness, Thanksgiving Food Basket distribution, and Social Justice projects.

United Methodist Economic Ministry
UMEM assists the elderly, the disabled, low-income, unemployed and underemployed individuals and families to meet their basic needs.

United Methodist Elder Care
United Methodist Elder Care is a not-for-profit organization that provides a continuum of senior living options for adults of modest means, age 62 and older. On our campus, we provide independent/assisted living in Winslow Gardens and skilled nursing and rehabilitation in Linn Health Care Center.

Wanakee United Methodist Center
Since 1961, Wanakee United Methodist Center continues to provide a residential Christian camping experience for New England youth. Daily morning watches, Bible discoveries and campfire discussions help youth develop their spirituality.

WE C.A.R.E Organization of Zimbabwe
WE C.A.R.E Organization of Zimbabwe (WCOZ) is a ministry of Corinna UMC in Maine. In collaboration with strategic partners, WE C.A.R.E. has embarked on providing vocational skills training to empower children and youths that have dropped outs with limited or no skills for living.

Worcester Evening Free Medical Service Program, Inc
The mission of the Worcester Evening Free Medical Service Program is a ministry of Epworth UMC. Its purpose is to extend outreach and service to the greater Worcester community by providing free medical services (medical, eye, and ear care) walk-in program for individuals and families who do not have or cannot afford health/medical insurance.