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New Hampshire District
District Director of Lay Servant Ministries
Dr. Douglas McDonald 
P.O. Box 245, North Haverhill, NH 03774
Phone:  603-747-3415


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2016 Lay Ministry Equipping Resources Catalog

Lay Servant Ministries

The Lay Servant Ministries Program is changing … a lot!  The 2016 General Conference adopted proposals that amended ¶’s 266 - 271 of the 2012 Book of Discipline.  Review the links below for an overview of the changes, summary, and copies of the 2016 BOD paragraphs.  These changes will take effect on January 1, 2017.

Lay Servant Ministries Program Changes

Lay Servant Ministries Program Summary

Lay Servant Ministries Program - 2016 BOD ¶’s 266 - 268


New Lay Servant Ministries Forms

As you prepare for Church Conference please be aware that the Lay Servant Ministries Annual Report Forms have been updated this year.  Please be sure to use the new form as your report to the Church Conference.  Links are below.  Note:  As of January 1, 2017, there will no longer be Local Church Lay Servants.

Local Church Lay Servant Annual Report

Certified Lay Servant Annual Report

Certified Lay Minister Annual Report

Lay Speaker Annual Report

There are no courses scheduled at this time.




Online Courses Available offers several on-line courses each year that have been approved by the General Board of Discipleship as advanced courses in Lay Servant Ministries.   

Go to and be sure to scroll down to view them all.   


Would you like to teach a Lay Servant Course? 

We are always looking for people willing to share their wisdom, experience and passion for ministry.  Contact Doug McDonald today!


Important Reminder: A refresher course is required every three years to remain a Local Church Lay Servant. To become a Certified Lay Servant and serve outside your local congregation, you must take one advanced course and continue by taking at least one advanced course every three years. All Local Church and Certified Lay Servants must submit an annual report of activities at their church conference.