Lay Servants - MME

Mid-Maine District
District Director of Lay Servant Ministries
Sally Joy, Director


Click here for the new "Lay Ministries Form"
which has been approved for Church Conferences
Upcoming Lay Servant Course Offered:

Lay Servant Minister Basic Course

Where: Winthrop UMC 58 Main Street, Winthrop, ME. Class will be held in the Upper Room.

Instructor:  Rev. Karen Munson

When: Every Tuesday night in August from 6:00-8:00 pm.  Aug. 1; Aug. 8; Aug. 15; Aug. 22; Aug. 29

Feel free to bring a bag supper with you.

Cost $10 to NEAC and in memo MME LSM

Required Book: The Lay Servant Ministries Basic Course at the Upper Room Bookstore, $11.00 for both adults and youth. The class is a foundational course designed to equip new church leaders and renew current leaders in The United Methodist Church.

It explores: 

Personal spiritual gifts 

servant leadership 

each leader’s role in developing future leaders 

the importance of consistent spiritual practices 

the core ministries of Leading, Caring, and Communicating 

and much more.


“God calls you to a life of servanthood as a disciple of Jesus Christ. ..... Lay Servant Ministries is the first step for many laypersons toward their faith journey as they strive for a closer relationship with the Lord”

Registration closes July 25th

Please register online HERE or email Lori at

For full brochure click here...

What’s happening with the Lay Servant Ministry Program?


Many of us are working to regain the Lay Speaker designation, but not all courses on the Lay Speaker track have yet been available. Nor are all advanced courses, although applicable for certification or recertification purposes, on the Lay Speaker track. As the time for local church conferences draws near, we ask that all those seeking certification or recertification use the form designed specifically for Certified Lay Servant.

We really need people (pastors and/or Certified Lay Servants) to volunteer to lead courses. Please contact me at for more information or to offer to help.

For a list of courses, please click on 2017 Lay Servant Ministries Equipping Resources Catalog. Note that some courses are available online.

As many of you know, General Conference made a few more changes to the program this year. The most significant of these is that they have done away with the Local Lay Servant category. Taking the basic course still prepares a person to serve in the same ways as before in their local church and is still the first step in the Lay Servant Ministry program.

Those who were Local Lay Servants will no longer be asked to prepare a report for their local church conference until they have taken an advanced course and are looking to be recognized as a Certified Lay Servant. The Conference expects this to happen within three years of the time the basic course was taken. Otherwise a refresher basic may be required.

It is my understanding that anyone who has taken the basic course for the first time during the past year should submit a Local Lay Servant form so that we will have a record of when you took the course. We know that this is confusing, but ask your patience as we try to work through the recent changes.

Blessings to you all,

Sally Joy

District Chair of Lay Servant Ministries