District Superintendent’s Blog

December 18, 2016


God can and does meet us in special ways in our everyday common experience.


"It is not that God draws closer to us at Christmas than at any other time. God can never be nearer to us than [God] always is . . . but at Christmas--for a few bright intervals--we open the doors of our awareness wide enough to realize that it is so."

                                                                                         --Melvin E. Wheatley, Jr.

“All saving ideas are born small. God comes to earth as a child so that we can finally grow up, which means we can stop blaming God for being absent when we ourselves were not present. We can stop blaming God for the ills of the world as if we had been laboring to cure them, and stop making God responsible for aall the thinking and doing we should be undertaking on our own. I’ve said it before and will probably say it many times again: God provides minimum protection, and maximum support – support to help us grow up, to stretch our minds and hearts until they are as wide as God’s universe. God doesn’t want us narrow minded, piggish and subservient; but joyful and loving as free for one another as God’s love was freely poured out for us at Christmas in that babe in the manger.”

                                                                                                           William Slone Coffin