Discounts available for United Methodists through GCFA agreements

Unite to save from GCFA 

The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) has launched “Unite to Save,” UMCGPO.ORG. This is an online discount and cost-savings vendor management platform designed for United Methodist churches and affiliate organizations.  

When churches join this exclusive group-purchasing organization and use the preferred vendors, they will immediately be able to reduce costs on everyday administrative supplies and services. As more churches participate, the lower the prices become for all participating churches. Best of all, the platform is free to all UMC churches and affiliated organizations. 

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Visit the site to register as a member 

GCFA has also made group-purchasing arrangements with other retailers and service providers to offer discounts to United Methodists throughout the connection. Here’s what’s available; click the links to learn more about each program:

Discounts available on rental cars from Avis, Budget and Zipcar services

Staples Advantage 
The General Council on Finance and Administration of the United Methodist Church has recently partnered with Staples Advantage. Once you register, you'll enjoy exclusive pricing, free delivery and more.  
Home Depot ProXtra program for United Methodists 
The Home Depot, the General Commission on United Methodist Men (UMM) and the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA), announce that the Pro Xtra Loyalty Program.  
Educational Opportunities (EO) travel 
Educational Opportunities (EO) offers quality Christian travel programs around the world. Since 1974, EO has provided over 300,000 Christians faith-based tours.  

DISCLAIMER: GCFA does not endorse any commercial enterprise. We have entered into a purchasing agreement to gain some competitive pricing for our ministry and been able to do that in a way that extends that pricing availability to all of our local churches, districts, and annual conferences. We do not guarantee that it will meet all of your needs.