Annual Conference Sessions Team

Annual Conference Agenda Committee

Below are some contacts for specific areas and questions

Agenda and General Information
Lynn McCracken, Sessions Team Chairperson
Erica Robinson-Johnson, Director of Connectional Ministries
978-682-7555 x 251

For Consent Calendar, Lay and Equalization Member Updates, 
Directory/Journal Updates:

John Blackadar, Interim Conference Secretary

For Presentation Preparation & Technical Questions, 
or changes to your email/address in our system:

Beth DiCocco, Director of Communications
978-682-8055 ext. 150


Joy Mueller
978-682-7676 ext. 133

Children's program

Sarah Laflamme, Bromley Hall Director


Jessica Gregoire

Display space and group meals

Rosemary McNulty
978-682-7676 ext. 201

Preachers' Aid Society

Clergy/Retirees Luncheon:
Robin Parsons
(207) 467-3246