Pulpit and Communion Table

October 16, 2017

The Wakefield, NH Historical Commission is trying to find a good home for a pulpit<https://neumc-email.brtapp.com/!Hn5al21qFH7ZAabdax+LFFhcBIWZY-z6Plhd5yOMDXVaS2dzs-bXwF-cMr2VNwH-0> and matching communion table<https://neumc-email.brtapp.com/!yjVFeGu9Iz1RQhgXqUa3DdWYANYvWnzCwA6aVrUNwFCjM-x-NmTvutd8CSUFh89ig>. The pulpit is 45" high, 51" wide and 23" deep at the deepest point then drops back to 18" on each side. It is solid oak and very well made with mitered corners. The communion table is 30" wide x 28" deep x 30" high.

Please contact the chair of the commission, Pam Wiggin at pwiggin@kw.com<https://neumc-email.brtapp.com/!Fuo50XlmhJQrWAQEWUh67n4pQAdLP7teKUb+2s7Wt-sGKInMJ9Q4VpNLaTuBI8a+g>, (603) 387-3698 (cell), (603) 569-4663 (home) or Evan McDougal (Sanbornville UMC) at emcdougal@roadrunner.com<mailto:emcdougal@roadrunner.com>, (603) 553-4869 (home) if you know of a church who could use these items.