Director of Faith Formation

June 29, 2016

The Brookline NH Community Church is looking for a Faith Formation Director to work 10 hours/week starting at $14.00/hour, from September to May each year. The hours are flexible, although there will frequently be meetings on either side of Sunday morning 10:00 am worship.

We are looking for someone who would like to create something from the ground up, leaving no assumptions unexamined. The faith formation needs of families with grade school kids are changing. As a church we have plenty of resources to meet those families’ needs, so we want to do the best job possible in sharing the blessings we have found in our faith.

Mission: To reach out to the community of Brookline, NH so that the children of this community gain access to the blessings of Christ. Core to our mission as a church is to help families strengthen their faith as much as they strengthen their bodies in sports and their minds in school. Finding the best ways of doing that for the families will allow the whole community to thrive. This is the ideal job for someone with a curiosity to explore how God is bringing something new into the world.

Anyone seeking to develop a highly desirable set of skills that are useful in many settings well beyond the church would find this challenge intriguing. We’re eager to provide the mentoring and development that these skills require. The part-time nature of the job combined with the pool of volunteers means that a great candidate will find their efforts yield surprisingly fertile results. We’ve got plans already in place to make sure that the right candidate will be set up for success!

For the full job description or to apply, see

Contact: Rev. Catherine A. Merrill

Address: 2 Main St, PO Box 507 Brookline NH 03033

Phone: 603-673-7511