Forms and Due Dates


Due in the District Office 2 weeks Prior to Pastor’s 1-1 meeting with the District Superintendent

  1. NEAC Shared Ministry Assessment (Pastor and SPRC)
  2. Pastoral Conversation
  3. Clergy Continuing Education (CEU) Record
  4. I-9 Form



Due in the District Office 2 weeks prior to DS meeting with SPRC but no later than December 1

  1. SPRC Report to the District Superintendent  (prepared by SPRC)






  1. Guidelines for Forms and Reports due at Church Conference
  2. 2017 Pastoral Compensation Guide
  3. Parsonage Guidelines (SPRC-Trustees-Clergy)
  4. How to Calculate CRSP Pension Cost


Due at Church Conference:

Guide: Forms to be included in your CC packet

  1. Pastor’s Report  
  2. 2017 Church Clergy Compensation Report (due at CC or December 1, whichever comes first)                                           
  3. Housing Allowance/Exclusion
  4. Nominations/Leadership Report
  5. Lay Servant/Speaker Annual Reports
  6. Parsonage Inspection
  7. GCFA Annual Report on the Committee on Finance
  8. Church Conference Booklet – 2 copies submitted to the district office


Due one week following the Church Conference:

  1. Minutes of Church Conference
  2. Local Church Leadership Report     


Forms Due on or before December 1

  1. Pastoral Appointment Update (to be completed by Pastor)
  2. Church Appointment Update (to be completed by SPRC)


Profiles are to be updated every 3 years – Due December 1

  1. Profile - Clergy
  2. Profile - Local Church
  3. Clergy - Personnel Record (update as needed)


Reports Due February 14th

  1. Statistical Reports: completed and submitted online--Contact person: Joy Mueller


Reports Due March 31st

  1. Annual Audit (Fund Balance)
    1. (GCFA) Local Church Audit Guidelines
  2. Annual Report of Trustees


Due November 1st

  1. Request for Equitable Salary



Financial Retention Guidelines (local church finance trustees)

The Point of Appointments (clergy-SPRC-local church)

Conference Guidelines for Clergy Vacations, Cont. Ed and Renewal Leave