Board of Ordained Ministry


The Board of Ordained Ministry (BOM) is responsible for supporting persons who respond to God's call to professional ministry as an elder, deacon, licensed local pastor, or other ministry options.

Together with the appropriate District Committee on Ordained Ministry (dCOM), the Board reviews the educational and personal qualifications of candidates, including personal interviews, through each step of the candidacy process, from certified candidacy to ordination or licensing.  The Board then makes a recommendation to the Clergy Session at Annual Conference. It also reviews and recommends changes in Conference Relationship, voluntary or involuntary. 

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These Board of Ordained Ministry website pages are designed to provide candidates and those
exploring ministry options information and resources.
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More Information

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Additional Contacts

includes information/links for:
Conference Relations (including deadlines for requesting retirement, leaves, etc.)
Local Pastors (Course of Study, Licensing School, New Pastor Orientation)
Deacons/Diaconal Ministry/Specialized Ministries
Continuing Formation and Spiritual Growth (scholarships, MEF grants and continuing education)
Pastoral Nurture (maternity/paternity leave, release time)


Ministry Options

includes information/links for:
Ministry Exploration Summit
Certified Lay Ministry (CLM) Info
Certification in Specialized Ministries
Links for Info on other Ministry Options


The Candidacy Process

Guidelines, Checklists, Applications & Forms for:
Certified Candidacy
Provisional Membership
Full Membership
Associate Membership

Additional Forms and Information

includes information/links for:
Theological Education Info
Candidacy Mentoring Resources
Board Policy
Provisional Leadership Academy
Annual Report Forms
Continuing Formation and Spiritual Growth Forms